October 9-10, on my friendly native island of Hawaii, Maui, which I HITCHHIKED AROUND in 2011, was super busy surfers rush on JAWS, Peahi was bombing and surfers were paddling so hard.
Here is a short movie of Mike Nulty.

9-10 жовтня на рідному острові Мауі, який довелося проїхати автостопом, на відомому серферському споті був аншлаг, і таке трапляється тричі на рік, а можливо навіть і ще рідше.
Mike Nulty - презентує!

Jaws from Turkeymelt on Vimeo.


GEORGIA - 300 USD (part 2)


Feelings of two days hitchhiking to Georgia from Ukraine described in part 1 evaporated with morning heat of Sakartvelo land. Now we are here in Georgia and new adventures just begin.

We woke up with the sun and it was so hot in a tent that we jumped off. Outside was a bit cloudy, but beautiful and awesome. Mountains just above the heads and and tiny road that goes to Telavi - capital of wine region. First car was emergency that looks like in 70s. They dropped us 5 km further from our night place and we caught a minibus to Akhmeta. There we bought some food in a local market (its cheaper to buy on a street market than in a shop) and had a rest time on a river bank watching how clouds passing by the mountains.